(I tried to draw it with the colours from the palette challege, but didn’t succeed xD)

I can honestly say that despite my endless love for other ships in other fandoms, Luffy/Vivi kinda became my main OTP, like, OTP of OTPs, and I will love them forever

I’m still challenging myself with palettes - now it’s makitou & #2 :D
Finished it right on Toudou’s birthday, yaay~

Luffy and Vivi #6

Oh my gosh, anon, I haven’t mentioned that I take palette challenge requests here, because I asked people myself for them



Luffy and Vivi

I’m totally going to draw them

just wait, I promise

Another palette request~ Kirigiri & #6

I reallly-really-really like Kirigiri, gosh

I continue challenging myself with that palette thing, so this one is for art trade with my friend, her OC & #7 :)

I like to forget to upload my works here lol

Another drawing for that pallette challenge, 11th Doctor & #1 as requested by friend (I’m not in the fandom yet, but I’m slowly getting into it x))

I don’t even know how I got from original palette to what you may see on the picture, mixing colours makes miracles happen


Ryūko Matoi from Kill la Kill

спасибо ещё раз *o*


RUS. Реквест с Твиттера. Палетка номер 2 и Валли :3

ENG. Palette request from my Twitter. Palette #2 and Wall-E C’:


And another attempt to use palette from the challenge :D This time it’s #12 and Mello from Death Note.

That awesome moment when you manage to fall in love with the character right before their birthday xD I started to watch and read haikyuu a few days ago and it’s so awesome *_*

Suga and palette #11 from the famous challenge

i really like your eva art, great job :)

Thank you, dear anon :)

I participated with this art in one Eva contest, but, sadly, didn’t win xD But I still had a lot of fun while drawing it. 

I really like this idea of interaction between two Asukas - Soryu and Shikinami. So that’s how this weird idea of this drawing was born.

LCL is the best background tbh

Oh my god, isuke’s ending is the best for me of all

It seems like the only good finished drawings I’ve made recently were for my friends’ birthdays xD this one was for dear Mowwiie <333 I don’t know why I didn’t put it here earlier omg

Cuz it’s Niceto's birthday and she wanted some Ryuko la Satsuki in nudisto beach uniform~ We never saw Ryuko in that form though, but how rad would she look like if wearing it **

Happy Birthday, my friend *3*