severelysimple replied to your photoset “When will I stop doing that? Back in 2009 I just planned to draw…”

Sick-nasty development, man. But, in a constructive criticism kind of way, I recommend studying on the 3/4 bone structure for A++ 3/4 views ;w; srysrysry

Oh yeah, I’m actually trying to do that, but I’m still not really experienced in that stuff. It’s still better than it was a few months ago I think though xD

Thank you for your advice :)

When will I stop doing that?
Back in 2009 I just planned to draw Hermione, for god’s sake

(I tried to draw it with the colours from the palette challege, but didn’t succeed xD)

I can honestly say that despite my endless love for other ships in other fandoms, Luffy/Vivi kinda became my main OTP, like, OTP of OTPs, and I will love them forever

I’m still challenging myself with palettes - now it’s makitou & #2 :D
Finished it right on Toudou’s birthday, yaay~

Luffy and Vivi #6

Oh my gosh, anon, I haven’t mentioned that I take palette challenge requests here, because I asked people myself for them



Luffy and Vivi

I’m totally going to draw them

just wait, I promise

Another palette request~ Kirigiri & #6

I reallly-really-really like Kirigiri, gosh

I continue challenging myself with that palette thing, so this one is for art trade with my friend, her OC & #7 :)

I like to forget to upload my works here lol

Another drawing for that pallette challenge, 11th Doctor & #1 as requested by friend (I’m not in the fandom yet, but I’m slowly getting into it x))

I don’t even know how I got from original palette to what you may see on the picture, mixing colours makes miracles happen


Ryūko Matoi from Kill la Kill

спасибо ещё раз *o*


RUS. Реквест с Твиттера. Палетка номер 2 и Валли :3

ENG. Palette request from my Twitter. Palette #2 and Wall-E C’:


And another attempt to use palette from the challenge :D This time it’s #12 and Mello from Death Note.

That awesome moment when you manage to fall in love with the character right before their birthday xD I started to watch and read haikyuu a few days ago and it’s so awesome *_*

Suga and palette #11 from the famous challenge

i really like your eva art, great job :)

Thank you, dear anon :)

I participated with this art in one Eva contest, but, sadly, didn’t win xD But I still had a lot of fun while drawing it. 

I really like this idea of interaction between two Asukas - Soryu and Shikinami. So that’s how this weird idea of this drawing was born.

LCL is the best background tbh